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                  What to do at the scene of an accident:

STOP immediately, but do not obstruct traffic.
ASSIST injured.  Have someone call police.  Repeat after 5
SECURE names, phone numbers, addresses of other drivers,
witnesses, injured persons.
SECURE make, model, license numbers of all cars involved.
MAKE rough drawing of scene, showing position of cars and other
DON'T hastily accept claim settlement at scene of accident
REMAIN calm, courteous, and consistent in your version of the
NOTIFY your insurance agent as soon as possible.
Accident Information
You never know how good your insurance company or your agent really is until
you have a claim. Competitive premiums are always a priority, but a low premium
is hardly a bargain if your claim is not settled promptly and fairly.

Home and Auto Insurance Claims

our office. However, we understand that claims don't always occur during regular
business hours. If you need emergency claim assistance outside of our regular
business hours you may contact your insurance company's claims department

Health Insurance Claims

Most of the time medical insurance claims are submitted for you by your health
care provider. However if the need arises to file a claim on your own we
encourage you to submit your claims though our office. Filing a claim incorrectly
is the most common reason for a claim to be delayed or denied.

Life Insurance Claims

Dealing with the death of a family member or friend is traumatic enough without
being handed a stack of forms to fill out. Please call upon our professional staff to
assist you with the settlement of a life insurance claim.
!     Emergency Claim
Phone Numbers

It is recommended that home,
auto and business insurance
office. But we realize that not all
emergencies happen during
business hours.  Below we have
provided you with emergencies
numbers if needed.  The claim
numbers listed below be used for
emergencies only.

Office: (419)258-5511
Tim Derck's Cell: (419)506-0171
Progressive: (800)274-4499
Click here to view a printable form in Word that you can carry in your car to help
to serve as a reminder of the information you need to gather at the scene of an
accident.  You may enter information into this form, save it, and
email to us.
Click here for the pdf version if you do not have Word, please print and either
fax or mail to our office.